Sunday, 20 November 2011

The mystery of the missing clothes

Going off to Belgium for a few days, I asked my husband if he could retrieve younger daughters suitcase from the loft as its just the size I needed, and more importantly has fully functioning wheels unlike mine, which is huge and took a bit of a battering when in Stockholm last February. Since then the wheels have refused to work and has a big gouge down one side - but it is over 25 years old so can't expect miracles!

On opening up said suitcase, we discovered that it was already full - of Antonia's clothes, plus a load of sand. It seems the suitcase was never unpacked when we returned from our camping trip to Dorset back in August. Antonia was delighted and picked up her favourite dress which we had bought her in Stockholm saying "I was wondering where that had gone!" Just hoping she hasn't grown out of it........

We're now wondering whether Elise's suitcase also has some similar surprises in store for us. I think that's best left for another day when I'm feeling stronger ..........

Mystery solved!


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