Monday, 12 September 2011


I'm not much of a poet, and I know it! (tee hee!) But that said, I published this under the MASH section of prior to becoming a regular "Blogspondent" for Bryn. It had been badly written by me in the wake of an hilarious case of mistaken identity on the morning of the last day at the World Parkinson's Congress this time last year in Glasgow. We had had a fantastic week in Glasgow - we had met so many people, had had one too many very late nights, and my liver was seriously needing a week or two to recover.

It was the last day of the WPC
The WPC being “World Parkies Congregate”
I was tired and suffering from lack of sleep
Too much wine was had at the Wobbly Banquet!

After breakfast on that fated morning
Back to the lift I went to go back to my room
On getting to my floor on the 5th as I selected
There I met Voluptuous Vicki and her beautiful sister

After chatting a minute or two on my way I went
On my way went I, I went to my wonderful room
Having no key on me on the door I knocked
My husband having gone ahead of me some minutes earlier

As I said, on the door I knocked and suggested
Hi Honey it’s me, your darling beautiful wife
Let me in so that we can cuddle”
And other such innuendoes not to be printed

(Well – I was taking advantage of not having our children around.....)

The door was opened a fraction or two
To reveal a chap I never knew
Behind his wife with a questioning face
Who the heck are you and what are you doing here?”

I looked at the door, and realised to my amusement
The wrong floor I had got, and I was sober (just about!)
The room I had got on the 4th floor it was
The room I wanted was on the next floor up!

(Huge apologies to the nice man and his wife in room 425!
A marital row I sincerely hope I did not start!)

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