Sunday, 24 April 2011

We did it!

We did it, 5 days, 86 miles, many laughs and a few tears later Wendy, Spencer and I achieved our goal – walking from Bristol Temple Meads to the centre of Reading following the Kennet and Avon canal in unseasonably hot weather, to raise funds and awareness for our respective charities Diabetes UK and The Cure Parkinson’s Trust. I have so many people to thank in terms of their time, hospitality, moral support and/or generosity in terms of money donated. I hope I haven’t missed anybody out and apologise if I have, I will never forget this once in a lifetime experience.

Mina, Paul’s relatives Mike and Angela, Peter and Francis, the landlords of various public houses along the way who allowed use of their facilities even if we weren’t purchasing anything, Cotswold Outdoor Leisure, David and Chris Hemmings, Claire Perry MP, Sarah Nicholson (speech therapist) and Carrie Swan (McTimoney Chiropracter), Niki Hammond, Judith and Steve Hough, Karen at Wilcot and the Vicar at Hungerford, Helen Matthews from The Cure Parkinson’s Trust, Jon Stamford (aka Slice of Life), my Big Bro Anthony Duthoit for staying by my side on the penultimate day, my mother Jane, our book group buddies and in particular Karen and Laura, Wendy’s big sister Sue for her tender nursing skills which saved my feet from disintegration, Wendy’s little brother David, the wonderful on-line community of PD Junction, the many people we met along the way who donated money, my neighbour Sandra  and the nurse at Swindon hospital who convinced me that my little toe was not about to drop off from serial abuse, my two beautiful children and Wendy’s younger son, and of course Wendy. Special thanks go to Paul Hughes and my long suffering husband Tim, and not forgetting the patriach of the Spencer Clan (Wendy's Dad) – Chris Spencer. Last, but by no means least, a tremendous thank you to my hero, Spencer Hughes – without his leadership we would never have made this!

I would also like to apologise to my two poor feet who carried me all the way from Bristol to Reading – and in particular my extremely swollen and angry little toe on my right foot!
Some blogs will be out soon recounting our adventures along the way – once I have recovered sufficiently long enough to sit at the pc!

The money raised will be put towards the next phase of trials for GDNF. More information about this can be found by clicking on Tom Isaacs' and Jon Stamford's blog.

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